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Using power is the foundation for leadership. Leaders gain followers because they use their influence or power to shift thinking, behavior or decisions in a desired direction. Power can also build support and gain access to key resources. The Leadership Power Levers™ identifies how you are currently using your personal and professional power. It provides insights into new alternatives.

No one thinks they have as much power as they need, but they frequently have more than they think they have. We also tend to continue to use what has worked in the past despite the fact circumstances vary, complexity is increasing, and people have diverse preferences and motivation. A one sizes does not fit all approach will not work when it comes to power anymore than it fits when we buy on clothes. We will not buy what does not fit. With flatter organizations, temporary teams, different locations and cultures, it is time to expand and tailor our use of power to effectively for each situation.

We hope this analysis will expand your option and contribute to your success.


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